Local Knowledge a huge advantage

Cantabrians waiting for earth quake repairs can choose to engage Christchurch Building Ltd. Being a Licenced building practitioner Site level 2 and having advanced trade in carpentry Grant aim is to make this process easy for you our clients working directly with EQC to ensure your repairs get under way and completed as quickly as possible.We specialize in working with our clients to answer any difficult building questions like, "Can I insulate my walls in the process?" Or "Can I change the bathroom arround at the same time capitalizing on the earth quake repairs to the full?" Creating the least amount of hassle for our clients is high on our list of priorities when undertaking any project.

Grant founded Christchurch Building Ltd in 1992 and has nearly 30 years industry experience under his belt including building aword winning homes and working on heritage buildings. Since it's inception Christchurch Building has grown into a respected building company able to build high end architectural homes, additions and renovations to light commercials. Christchurch Building is affiliated with EQR, Hawkins Construction and Arrow international helping with around 160 homes in the Canterbury Home Repair Programme so far.

Our high standards have been recognized and appreciated on our projects. When people decide to use Christchurch Building for their earth quake repairs Grant comes and costs the job with EQC to gain approval from them before work starts. We can do extra work if you decide to update at the same time. Christchurch Building are essentially taking on the project management of your repairs and at the end of the job Christchurch Building simply presents the EQC approved invoice directly to EQC.

This means that people don't actually have to come up with any finance themselves. It's an easy process once we guide you through it. The company is looking to expand to aid the rebuild effort even more in the future. Over the past three years Christchurch Building has made a big contribution to helping Cantabrians lives return to normality.

One of our key advantages is that unlike many building companies that have just come into the Christchurch market recently we are local and have been working in Christchurch for a long time. We know the local suppliers and contractors. With all the right people at our finger tips including carpenters, stoppers, brick layers, painters and quantity surveyors we have access to everything needed to get the job done. This makes things quick and easy. As time goes on more people are getting sick of waiting. This option gives them the chance to take control of their repair's to get things moving quicker.

The EQC has a vested interest in controlling its cost which whilst admirable can have negative side effects for you. One of the ways it does this is by trying to keep you under Fletchers control or by dictating terms when it visits your home to reassess your repairs and delaying access to your scope of works. Before you decide to either stay in the PMO/Fletchers programme or sign the opt out form, it pays to call us and put an experienced Opt Out provider/advocate in your corner before you let EQC in the door.

Call us today and let us explain the Opting Out process. We will guide you quickly and efficiently through the complexities of the EQC’s requirements ensuring you get all the repairs you are entitled to. Generally we can start repairs in a month or less – under your terms and at no cost to you.